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April 2003 Crazy Caption
Crazy Caption Photo
"A Face Only A Mother Could Love"
~ "Hey! I'm Super Chicken! Bock, bock, buck a geeup!"  Jazzy
~ "Hey, I'm proud to be ugly!"  Megan
~ "I should have zigged when I zagged!"  Alan
~ "I'm a gander to gobbler! April Fool!"  Randall S.
~ "I'm the most happy to gobble all I can get to gobble up!"   Merchants Gone Fishing
~ "Just call me Knobby."  Rick C.
~ "That's it, I'm GOING to get a facelift this year, no matter what anyone thinks!"  Jill L.

~ "You think this is ugly, you should see my brother."  Ross
~ "Kiss me baby,and I'll turn into your prince!"  Jenny
~ "What? You were expecting Prince Charming?"  Sammy
~ "That's the last time I shampoo with mushroom oil!" May L
~ "Red, White and Blue, thats why I'm the American Wild Turkey; with all the patriotism around I should be safe this year."  Dysphora
~ "Come Thanksgiving I'll be a Canada Goose!"  Nero 1
~ "Hey baby, give us a kiss."  Tina T.
Crazy Caption Photo
"A Face Only A Mother Could Love"

Crazy Caption Photo
"A Face Only A Mother Could Love"
~ "Hmmmm, Botox or no Botox?"  Ben L.
~ "Is that a Yeti?!?!?!"  Ozzy
~ "Yes, Jane, I am going to sue that no-good hair stylist -- look what he's done to me!"  Stephanie B.
~ "Take my advice....pay the extra few bucks to go to a licensed cosmetologist."  Liz Johnson
~ "Give a hoot. Don't shoot."  Maggie B.
~ "Don't laugh, you'll be looking for me this spring."  Phil McCracken

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