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May 2002 Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
"Trophy What?"
~ "Now, YOU look me straight in the eye and tell me what you did last night!"  Stephanie B.
~ "Ha, Ha! They can't see me at all! I'm invisible!!"  Rick P.
~ "Oh, my God! It can't be! It looks like the extinct blue belly butt sucker! Ooops, my mistake. It's just JohnBoys brother."  Ricky P.
~ "Hey! Want to buy a watch?  Ron P.
~ "Could you give me some directions? I seem to
be lost."  Frankie
~ "Aren't I the cute one?"  Katie B.

~ "Lemme see, if I bend my right ear this way, and tilt my left horn this way I can get ESPN."  Ben L.
~ "Hey buddy, got a dime?"  Lisa G.
~ "Want to have a staring contest?"  John Q.
~ "You talkin to me?"  Sharon P.
~ "HOW YDOIN!!!!!!"  Phil McCrevis
~ "You don't want me. I'll show you where my
big brother is at."  Me
~ "Psst, Hey buddy! Ya you, come here."  Joe E.
~ "Hello out there in TV land."  Huey N.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Trophy What?"

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