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April 2002 Crazy Captions

~ "Hehehe, Nobody will find me here!  Edie
~ "Baby Bubba hasn't quite grasped the game of hide & seek."  June Bug
~ "Hey Mom, when's the last time you vaccumed under here?"  May L.
~ "Parents moving coffee table accidentally drop on infant... News at 11."  Ken R.
~ "The smell from the lump in my pamper is unBAREable!!!"  Andre J.
~ "Hah it's tails!!! I get to stay up and watch CSI."  Ben L.
~ "Nope, no rabbits under here Pa."  Dysphora

~ "Where'd everybody go?" Lisa L.
~ "HELLLPPPP! The cats got me- HELLLPPP! George R.
~ "Maybe if I hide here they won't find me."  Bill S.
~ "Ok guys, jokes over. Get me out! Guys? GUYS!?  Jill T.
~ "Hum, looks like a nice cozy spot for a nap."  D. Rose
~ "Come back with my pacifier you @#%^$* cat!"
Phil McCracken
~ "After being triple-dog-dared, Baby Bubba decided that Jack was right, your head would get stuck."  Huey L.
~ "Can someone help me out of here! I need my diaper changed now!"  Me


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