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March 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Where Am I?"
~ "OK, so what is Hillbilly Sushi again?" Dave W.
~ "OK, I got this part, this is called an Oven Mitt. But explain to me again what a Hillbilly Appetizer is?" D. T.
~ "All I said was, 'take a little off the top'! This is the last time I come to Ranger Rick's Barbershop!" Wayne T.
~ "Am I just tricking myself?" Jacob T.

~ "Well, so much for the 'Atkins' no carb nut diet. It worked too good!" DWT
~ "Damnit mum! When you said you'd freeze my nuts if I was bad I didn't think you meant like this!!! Kimmy
~ "Oh Man! This isn't a Bear rug, it's a used bath mat!!! Dave T.
~ "Why do I always get an bunch of nuts to chew on for breakfast everyday?" Jimmy The Cook
~ "Isn't it about time for me to get some milk around here?" Jazzy
Crazy Caption Photo
"Where Am I?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Where Am I?"
~ "It's lunch-time and I can't find my supply. Why, Momma?" Stephanie B.
~ "Are you sure this is how Rocket J. Squirrel started? Cause I'm not comfortable posing naked on this rug." Dave
~ "Something smells funny around here." Kelly
~ "Hey! This ain't my nest. What the heck is going here?" Rocko
~ "I want my Mommy!" Emma Lou

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