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February 2002 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Just What I Need!"
~ "Hum, is this real or just a figment of my imagination?  Deb R.
~ "Which one of you city slickers brought your own potty with ya? This ain't country at all!"  Steve
~ "Can't you see where I'm pointing? This is the biggest and STRANGEST one you've shot all day!"  Stephanie B.
~ "What! You've never seen a fire hydrant before?"  Lisa L.
~ "Okay Rover, nothing to see here lets move along!"  Rick

~ "So I says to him.... Are you listening?  Sam K.
~ "Here I sit all broken hearted......"  Fred E.
~ "Take me to your leader!"  George R.
~ "What are you looking at?"  Eryn M.
~ "Well, are you going to shoot or what? I can't stand here all day!"  Katie B.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Just What I Need!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Just What I Need!"
~ "What's that doing here?"  Al G.
~ "Now, who put my phone number on there!!!"  Shane M.
~ "Let's see, for a good time call Lassie at...."  John F.
~ "Good! There's no line!"  Phil McCracken
~ "It's always the same with these, no privacy!"  Me

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