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January 2002 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"A Deer Hunting"
~ "I'll mount this and put it next to the mans' head I mounted last year."  Ken R.
~ "Now that I've caught it, what do I do with it?"   Marilyn C.
~ "The buck stops here!"  John H.
~ "Now this here is what you call a turkey."   Katie B.
~ "Hey Deer Man! Save the neck for me!"  Hank H.
~ "Psst, he needs to be put away -- thinks he is a carnivore!!"   Stephanie B.
~ "They taste just like chicken."  Fred K.
~ "Dang Bubba that sure is some strong moonshine! You look just like a deer."  Jerry G.
~ "Turkey my favorite."   Harold S.
~ "I am Deer Man! Turkeys tremble at my feet!"   Al B.
~ "Hey Ma! Look at what I caught!"  Steve S.
~ "Move over Planet of the Apes!"  Phil McCracken
~ "Bad, Bad Leroy Buck."  John F.
Crazy Caption Photo
"A Deer Hunting"

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