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February 2006 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Hold This Will Ya."
~ "Hey if this thing works, it'll give a whole new meaning to home perms!" Andrea C.
~ "Now what do I do with it?" Anne C.
~ "Is this thuh live wire, Joe? Only if I plug it in the socket and it'll make your ears all aglow, Yeah!" Bubba Smith
~ "And this here is the whatcamacallit. It's what makes them pretty sparks." Harold G.
~ "There's one in every crowd. The show off who butts in and takes over the job." Helen Waite

~ "At the family reunion, Jeb and Clyde demonstrate how Uncle Fergus handles the extremely dangerous three-pronged python." Calvin K.
~ "Let's see now, black is positive and red is negative, or is that black is the ground and green is positive? Oh man! I knew I should've paid attention in electric shop!" No Name
~ "Hey Joe didja ever wonder why the teachers in metal shop always said "DON'T try this at home?" Dunno, but we're bout find out!" Andrea C. & Son
Crazy Caption Photo
"Hold This Will Ya."

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