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Backwoods Bound Bullet Volume 20 - Issue 11

  Welcome to the November 2019 issue of The Bullet. There’s not much I can say that you don’t already know about this month so I won’t waste my time or yours telling you about the start of the firearm deer season in a few weeks. No need to tell you about the start of duck and goose season. I won’t remind you about all of the upland game hunting for pheasants, quails, squirrels, rabbits or even doves. And I won’t waste the time telling you that the trapping season is going on or will be getting under way for coyotes, raccoons, foxes, otters, bobcats, minks, muskrats or skunks. No. I’m not going to do it.

But I will say this to you. Have a fun, safe and successful hunting season!

Enough said. Let’s get to it. Enjoy the two hundred and twenty ninth issue of The Bullet. Until next month, J. E. Burns, Editor-in-chief.


In this issue:

~ Backwoods Trivia
~ Recipe: Wash Day Stew
~ Article: Fall Is Primetime For Wildlife – Vehicle Collisions!
~ Recipe: Marinated Broiled Goose
~ Article: Deer Season
~ What's New
~ Backwoods Health: Warning Signs
~ Candid CamShots
~ Recipe: Duck Dressing


BACKWOODS TRIVIA: Here’s one we dug up from a past issue. Do you know the answer?

In a standard deck of playing cards, which king has no mustache?

Find the answer at the end of this newsletter. Send your trivia questions to mail@backwoodsbound.com.



~ 3 lbs deer roast, cut into cubes
~ 6 large potatoes, cubed
~ 6 carrots cut into chunks
~ 1 large onion, chopped
~ 1 tsp salt
~ ½ tsp pepper
~ 1 tsp paprika
~ 2 cups condensed beef broth
~ 1 can diced tomatoes

* Place potatoes and carrots in a crockpot. Add the meat.

* Sprinkle on the salt, pepper and paprika.

* Combine the broth and tomatoes together then pour over meat.

* Cook on low for 8 – 10 hours.

* Serve with crusty style bread and enjoy.

Our thanks to James Ewing for sharing this recipe. For more venison recipes to use this fall, visit our site at www.backwoodsbound.com/zdeer.html.

Send in your favorite recipe to mail@backwoodsbound.com and we'll post it on the site or use it in an upcoming issue of The Bullet.



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  The fall months see an increase in vehicle collisions with wildlife and especially deer. As we near the deer breeding season or "rut" the risk greatly increases. The "rut" peaks around mid to late November and can run well into December. Deer at this time of the year are less cautious and more unpredictable as their instincts for breeding takes over their behavior.

  Here are some suggestions to help you avoid colliding with a deer or other wildlife.

  1. Be extra cautious while traveling in the late afternoon through the early evening hours and in the hours just before sunrise. Deer are active throughout the night but seem to be more active during these times.

  2. Slow down and be prepared to suddenly stop in areas where deer might be present.

  3. If you see a deer on the side of the road, slow down and be ready to stop suddenly. Deer can be unpredictable! They can jump out in front of your car just as quick as they can jump across the ditch and disappear into the woods. Many a car or truck has been struck in the side from deer jumping into them at the last second so head-on collisions aren't always the norm.

  4. And since we brought up head-on collisions, if one is eminent, hit your brakes and go ahead and hit the deer. It is usually better to hit the deer rather than swerve and try to avoid it. You could possibly flip your car in the ditch, hit a utility pole, hit another car head-on or worse yet, a pedestrian.

  5. Always be aware deer may be present throughout wooded areas, crop fields, and areas with dense vegetation.

 6. If another car is behind you and you see a deer, tap your brakes to help alert the other motorist to the presence of the deer. If the deer is on the road, try flashing your lights and/or honking your horn to encourage the animal to move.

 7. Most states have seatbelt laws in effect so buckle up. Remember that it takes three seconds to buckle up, but dead is forever.

  Although deer were mentioned in the above suggestions, they can apply to all wildlife; rabbits, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, etc.

 Avoid harming local wildlife while protecting your vehicle and yourself; slow down, be especially cautious while driving at night, and stay alert! After all, safety is no accident.


FUN FACT:  The Irish elk, an extinct species of deer, had antlers that spanned up to 13 feet wide. They once roamed across Europe and Asia but went extinct during the Ice Age.

Send your Fun Facts to mail@backwoodsbound.com. For more Fun Facts visit www.backwoodsbound.com/funfacts.html.



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Thanks for your help.

HUNTIN' TIP:  To keep hunting calls clean, stick a cork from an old bottle in your call to keep dirt out and to keep your calls in working order. – JJ Lawhorn

Send your tips to: mail@backwoodsbound.com and we’ll post them on the site or use them in a future issue of The Bullet.



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INTERESTING QUOTE: "No matter how old you are, there’s always something good to look forward to." – Lynn Johnston

 If you’ve seen or heard an interesting or humorous quote send it in and we'll post it next month. Send them to: mail@backwoodsbound.com.



~ breast meat from 2 geese, skinned
~ 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
~ 4 tbsp grated carrots, be sure to add any juice
~ 1/2 tsp minced garlic
~ 1 tsp sage
~ 1 tsp salt
~ 1/2 tsp pepper
~ 1 tsp marjoram
~ 1 bay leaf
~ 2 cups white wine

* Combine all of the ingredients except the meat in bowl.

* Place the breast meat in a zip lock bag and pour in the marinade.

* Seal and refrigerate overnight. Flip a couple of times.

* Remove the meat and drain well.

* Place in broiler and broil 10 minutes per side.

* Remove to warm platter, cover and let rest before slicing.

* Enjoy with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

Many thanks to David Steward for sharing this recipe. For more goose recipes to enjoy visit our site at www.backwoodsbound.com/zgoos.html.

Remember to send your favorite recipe to mail@backwoodsbound.com. We'll post it on the site or use it in an upcoming issue of The Bullet.


ARTICLE: DEER SEASON by Lloyd Barnhart

He set his alarm clock right after dinner,
So he wouldn’t forget to do it later on.

And then he checked it three times
Before he went to bed at 8:30.

He would sleep fitfully and dream much
On this most special of nights.

More than deer taken, he would dream of
His hunting companions: family and friends.

He would relive hunts with the Old Man and his brothers,
And wake to recheck that alarm one more time.

He would remember his best friend’s first deer
And those of his son and grandsons.

He would savor, again, sausage and gravy breakfasts
And tailgate snacks of his delectable hunter’s biscuits.

He would review his plans for the morrow,
Making sure that he had properly readied his gear.

He would sleep little and check that alarm often;
He would get very little rest this night.

But, come morning, he will be up early,
Energized and raring to go.

For tomorrow is….
Opening Day!!!

  Another great selection from Lloyd’s book Rambling Outdoors; Tales of Forest, Field and Stream. Used with permission. Thanks Lloyd!


FISHIN' TIP: Fall means crappie are putting on the feed bag, getting ready for the winter. Fish areas with lots of cover. Use a 1/32 or 1/16 oz. jig and fish it vertical around the cover. Drop your bait to the bottom and slowly bring it up until you get a bite. That will be the depth in which to fish. You can then use a small bobber to suspend your jig or minnow at the desired depth.

Send your tips to: mail@backwoodsbound.com and we’ll post them on the site or use them in a future issue of The Bullet.



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 Still need new recipes for the winter issues so dig them out and send them in! We could use some new for everything with duck, goose, elk, quail, rabbit, buffalo, antelope, alligator and pheasant topping the list. Send your recipes to mail@backwoodsbound.com. Thanks and we look forward to getting them!

  Also send in your trail camera pictures for the Candid CamShots feature! We’ll take anything as long as it’s not obscene. Send them as attachments to mail@backwoodsbound.com. See this month’s photo at www.backwoodsbound.com/funphotos2.html.



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  When you’re out on a hunting adventure not only should you know some basic first aid you need to know the warning signs of someone having a stroke or a heart attack. Here are some things to look for. It could save someone’s life or your own.

  For a stroke just remember F.A.S.T. What does that stand for?

  F – Face drooping. Does one side of the person’s face droop or numb? Do they smile evenly?
  A – Arm weakness. Is one of their arms weak or numb? Have them raise their arms. Does one drift downward?
  S – Speech. Is their speech slurred? Can they speak or are they hard to understand? Have them repeat a simple phrase like “The grass is green.” Do they repeat it correctly?
  T – Time to get help. Call 911 and tell them “I think my friend is having a stroke”. The quicker they get help the better off they will be.

  A few warning signs of a heart attack include:

  Discomfort in the chest that lasts more than a few minutes. It could go away and come back. The pain can feel like something is squeezing your chest or putting pressure on it.

  You could have pain or discomfort in other parts of the upper body. In addition to pain in the chest you may have pain in one or both arms, the neck, back, stomach or jaw.

 If all the above wasn’t enough you may experience shortness of breath. It may occur with or without chest pain.

  And lastly you could break out into a cold sweat, experience nausea or get lightheaded.

 So stay alert if you or one of your buddies experiences any of the above symptoms. Don’t worry about being macho or looking like a fool. It’s better to error on the side of caution and get help immediately! You want to be around for the next hunting season.

 Thanks to the American Heart Association for some of this information.



  Here’s one sent in by Todd Robertson of a 4-point buck and a raccoon from early this fall.

Buck and Raccoon

Send your trail camera or outdoor pictures to mail@backwoodsbound.com.



~ 8 whole ducks
~ 4 packages cornbread mix
~ 6 boiled eggs
~ 1 large white onion, chopped
~ 1 large bell pepper, chopped
~ 1 bunch celery, chopped
~ 1 bunch green onions, chopped
~ salt and pepper
~ sage

* In a large pot, boil the ducks for 1 hour. Cool.

* Remove meat from bones. Discard skin, fat and shot. Save broth.

* While ducks are boiling, prepare the cornbread per package instructions. Let cool.

* In a large bowl, crumble the cornbread. Add the chopped veggies and eggs.

* Add enough broth to make moist but not to runny.

* Season to taste with salt, pepper and sage. Mix well.

* Spread evenly into baking dish and bake at 375 degrees until top is brown and dressing has thickened.

* Serve with the duck meat.

* Enjoy.

Thanks to Britt Gunn for sharing this recipe. For more great side dish recipes to try out visit this page on our site, www.backwoodsbound.com/zside.html.

Send your favorite recipe to mail@backwoodsbound.com and we'll post it on the site or use it in an upcoming issue of The Bullet


ANSWER TO BACKWOODS TRIVIA: The king of hearts has no mustache.


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