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October 2007 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Alright! Sunflower Seeds!"
~ "This will be one of my regular stops from now on." Gid S.
~ "What a rip! When they said do you want to see 'Little House'? This isn't what I thought." DT
~ "Dang, I need glasses. I thought it was my mailbox!" Jim R.
~ "HAH! He fell for the old 'let's see you stick your tongue on the cold pole' trick." Benny L.
~ "Hey, thanks for the seeds Mcsquizzy!" Lindsey
~ "Heelllllooooo!" Dave T.
~ "Well dang! Thought it was free." Melissa
~ "Hey Rocky, you home?" Freddy H.

~ "Helb, by node id stug!" May L.
~ "Hey, I got a snootful of leaves left by the Bluebirds Of Happiness!" Bubba Smith
~ "Yeah, is Jack working?" Sammy
~ "I'll have a double cheeseburger, hold the pickles, fries and chocolate shake...to go." Ben L.
~ "The things I go though for a hand-out." Rocky
~ "Gotta get my share before them stupid squirrels show up." Sloppy Joe
Crazy Caption Photo
"Alright! Sunflower Seeds!"