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Hunting Tips! HUNTIN' TIPS

 When attaching sights, arrow rests, quivers or anything to your bow riser with the steel screws that come with it, coat the screw threads with bow string wax. This will stop the chemical reaction that occurs between the steel and aluminum so they won't seize together and you won't strip out the allen heads or the screw slots and you will have ease of removal and tightening. - Robert Buskirk

 When rattling for deer always be ready. The buck of a lifetime might more ready for your sounds than you are. - Robert Summey

 Start scouting for deer a month before the season. Use Google-earth and print out a picture of your site. Mark where you have seen deer and where you should be sitting. If you use doe estrous or anything else mark it on your map. You’re guaranteed to know where the deer are opening day. – Bob Swain

 I'm not sure if you've heard of these one yet, but when hunting deer, listen for blue jays that are making a lot of racket. It usually means there is a deer nearby (or possibly a gray squirrel). Also listen for robins that are going nuts! It's a sure sign of a deer coming! - Dean

  For a cheap compound bow sight light, go to a major chain department store and purchase a kids toy called a ‘finger light’. Blue is the best. Glue the light directly pointing at the pins. You can also paint the outside of the light, but careful around the lens. Less than $3.00 you got a light. – Mike Michael

 A good fire starter to have in your survival pack is a 9 volt battery and some fine steel wool to make sparks. Watch it though you could get shocked. - Dustin Wilson

 When stalking, try to walk toe to heal. You have more control over breaking sticks with your toes than the back of your foot. - Sean

  Don't buy scent neutralizer make your own. Use baking soda and distilled water. Mix it 50/50 and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before spraying yourself. Baking soda is very good at killing human odor and its cheaper then paying for brand name products. - Luke Roberts

  If hunting with a gun, you can use the sling to steady the gun by wrapping your arm around it and pulling it back into your body. - Adam Coull

After The Shot Trophy Plaques

 When squirrel hunting if you spot a squirrel, only move when they are cutting nuts. The sound they make over powers the sound of you walking giving you a better shot. - Bryan Gondringer

 To keep moist out of your muzzleloader, place a small balloon over the barrel. If needed wrap tape around it to tighten it onto the barrel. This will keep your gun clean and won't affect your shot. - Dan Nyreen

  It is often hard to judge distance in the woods when bow hunting. So take some caution tape or something easily seen and mark spots 30 - 40 yards from your stand that way you'll have a better idea how far away the deer is. – Clay Finley

 When baiting for bears try adding some of these to your bait. Raisin bread, jelly, sweet rolls, candy orange slices or cream filled cookies. The sweeter the better. Bears have a keen sense of smell and a tremendous sweet tooth. They also love Mountain Dew or orange flavored sodas. - Ramae Schuver

 If you hunt for deer were there is pine sage or hemlock trees break off a bow from one and rub yourself down for a natural cover scent. - Kyle Biloski

Chili Seasoning Mix

 For home made cover scent-take some acorns and pine needles and put them in a pillow case and before washing clothes dampen pillow case with water throw it in the washer with hunting clothes. - Brandon

 For an all natural mosquito repellent use crushed Wax Myrtle leaves. You just crush them a little in your hand and rub on. – Steven Harris

 To make your own cover scent follow this simple "recipe". Take some cedar boughs, pine needles or sage boughs and put in pot. Make sure to get a lot! Cover with water. Boil for at least 1 hour. The longer it boils the more concentrated it gets. Pour off the liquid and place in a spray bottle. When going hunting spray yourself with your homemade cover scent. - Larry Pate

 For some good carry along kindling, get some dry thick pieces of wood and some dead pine needles put them in a zip lock bag. Keep them in your pack for that cold, wet or snowy morning when you go out hunting. It starts a fire wonderfully. – Patrick Hardiman

 When hunting, try to cover your body outline with baggy camouflage and wear a green cloth around your face like a cowboy would. - Conner Killick

 When turkey hunting, never stalk noises or follow the sound. It could be another hunter. - Gerald Kelley

 Don't go buy an expensive hauling handle and sled. Make your own from a ¾” thick sheet of plywood that is eight feet long. Use the entire 4 foot width or cut it down if desired. Drill two ½” holes in the middle of one of the short ends about one inch from the edge and/or two sets of holes one toward each edge if you will have two people dragging it. Then tie a length of rope through each hole. At the other end of the ropes tie a piece of 1½” inch dowel rod of any length. This will save you the money and the hide of your game. - Matt Mitchell

 To make a goose/duck call, cut a water balloon in two about 3 inches from where you would blow it up. Then just blow like you do on a call. - Chris

 When getting ready for hunting season, use scent free shampoo/condition and styling products continuously for a least 1 month prior to season (and during). Your hair will hold a lot of smell especially if you have a lot (girls). - Demetria Westbrook

When coon hunting if there are more than one coon in the tree, take the lowest one. Chances are it’s the boar unless all are sows. - Raymond 'Coon Tail' Allen

On deer stands, duct tape all the hooks and latches on the doors so they don’t bang against the side or tree when getting in and out. Also glue some foam to the door so it doesn’t bang against the side or tree when getting in and out. Any noise coming from wood banging against itself is a killer in the woods. - Larry Gene Pate

 A great way to attract bears, deer, coyotes, foxes and many other animals is to mix a 50/50 vanilla and water mixture together. Place in spray bottle and if you spray it on trees. Animals love this stuff and come lick it off. Spray a little in the air too. - Cameron Harris

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