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Mudslide is so proud! FISHIN' TIPS

  Check your line for nicks, rough spots and your knot often especially after catching a large fish or while fishing in heavy cover like stumps, weeds and brush. - Ronnie Smith

  When fishing for bream (bluegill) try live bait (it works best) or try using a 1/16 or 1/8 oz. Rooster Tail on 4 to 6 pound test line. - Dylan Smith

  When bass fishing with jigs, try tipping them with a piece of nightcrawler, leech or even a minnow to add natural scent. – Harold Fredrick

  To keep terminal tackle from roaming around your tackle box, try strip magnets cut to fit in each compartment desired. (Warning: Too thick or too many magnets may cause lures and other tackle to stick in undesirable places.) - Eric Champ

 A basic selection of spoons for trout fishing should include these colors: gold, silver, red-white and black-white in sizes from 1/4 - 1 ounce weights. - J B

  When the fishing gets tough, try using a lure that best resembles the primary forage of the water you are fishing. - Ed Granger

 When fishing dark murky water for bass, use a blue and black jig with a blue pork trailer on the hook. - Chris Rustermier

 Here's a good tip for bass fishing. Trailer a hook on all your spinnerbaits and buzzbaits and you'll be suprised how many more fish you'll catch. - Cody Roberts

 Ever tried fly-fishing for bluegill? Get yourself a 7 to 8 foot fly rod and use a 6 lb. leader on your fly-line. Try a variety of flies. Gillies, like most fish will hit different types and colors of lures better at different times. A simple change of color or pattern can start them to biting. Some fishermen try to match the hatch. Here are a few suggestions. For dry fly patterns try: a grasshopper, foam-rubber spiders, poppers, Goofus Bug and other dry flies. For a wet fly try: Wolly worms, Black Gnat, sponge-rubber spiders, Nymphs and others. - Dave Holladay

  When using live frogs as bait while bass fishing, hook them up through the mouth and out the top. Fish them over or through cover up to 10 feet deep. A good way to catch frogs is to use a small trout hook baited with a piece of corn and hook them like you would a fish. - Eric Confer

 Water temperature is key in catching crappie in the spring. Find the warmest water, which is usually on the north side and the crappie are usually nearby. - James B.

 When fishing with crickets, buy them a couple of days ahead of time and feed them slices of orange. It will give them a better smell and taste for bream (bluegill) fishing. - Jake

 When shore fishing during the bluegill spawning season, try a 1 1/2 inch jig with no weight. Let it float into the nest and watch the bluegills actions for a bite. -Seth Collum

 When drift fishing for catfish where stumps are, rig your line with your weight on the bottom of the line and your hooks above it. This makes it so you can have better luck at not getting hung on the stumps. - Garrett Farmer

 Since carp suck in the bait instead of attacking it, your bait should only cover the barb and bend of the hook. Three kernels of corn are usually about the right amount to do the job. Use a # 8 hook for small carp and up to a # 2 for large fish and keep them sharp. - Fisherman Bob

  To keep track of the correct depth while vertical fishing or trolling for walleyes, stripers or bass, tie a small 1" rubber band onto your line. A quick half-hitch will do the trick and the rubber band winds easily onto your reel when reeling in a fish. Then simply release your line back down to the rubber band and continue fishing. - Wally Newmann

  When you are fishing for bass at night, you should use dark colored worms because they can see them better. - Jessica

  When ice fishing for bluegill, use the lightest line possible and if you use a bobber, use the smallest one you can find. Also fish near the bottom preferably near timber or brush in 10 to 20 feet of water. - Charlie Jones

 When anchored over structure and you don’t want the back of the boat to move around, put out a windsock (sea anchor) from the back of the boat. This will hold the boat in place with no wind drift. – Ben Long

 When fishing for brook trout, avoid using fancy baits and lures, just use a good old fashioned hook and worm, and maybe a small plain colored spinner. - Aj Luimes

 When fishing for flathead catfish use chicken liver or live bluegill for bait. These two are some of their favorite foods to eat. - Michael Hindmarch

 When fishing for catfish, they are most likely to be at the bottom of drop-offs so fish there and if you get no bites in 20 minutes, move 20 yards down stream. - Tyler

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