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Interesting People! INTERESTING
Here are some interesting facts you may not
know about famous people!

In 1789 U.S. President George Washington proclaimed the first national Thanksgiving day.

Harry Houdini's real name was Erich Weiss.

In 1834 Henry Blair became the first African American to obtain a U.S. Patent for his corn planter.

Born in 1937, Tina Turner's real name is Anna Mae Bullock.

Mob boss Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to prison on October 17, 1931. He died in prison of syphilis.

Charles Newbold, a New Jersey farmer, patented an iron plow that revolutionized American agriculture in 1797. In 1833 John Deere became the first to use steel in plow construction, which proved to be a far superior material to use in the soils of the western states.

Carl Elsener patented the Swiss Army Knife in 1897.

Queen Marie Antoinette of France was Austrian.

After the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee took the job of president of Washington College in Virginia. He held that job until his death in 1870.

Booker T. Washington was chosen as the first principal of the Tuskegee Institute in May 1881. By the time of his death 34 years later, he had turned the institute into a respected university with over 1500 students.

The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, opened a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio in 1892. They soon started making their own bicycle known as the Van Cleve, which went on to become a success with a wide reputation.

Suffering from insomnia, W. C. Fields would sometimes only be able to fall asleep under a beach umbrella being sprinkled with a garden hose.

Because of his bad spelling and troubles with math, General George S. Patton
took 5 years to finish West Point.
Baseball player Jackie Robinson suffered from diabetes.

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