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December 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What's That Over There?"
~ "It's a good thing we haven't been stuck out here for along time!" Lacy B.
~ "Stop the boat! I dropped my ball back there." Denise F.
~ "Hey ya goofball, all the woman are over there!" Bob E.
~ "Don't you get seasick." Lisa E.
~ Most pirates have a parrot. How did I end up with you?" Jamie
~ "Dogfish or crawdaddy says Aye!? Bullhead Arfy!? Meow meowwww sez Aye." Bubba Smith
~ "I told you no! You can't water-ski until an hour after you've eaten." Wayne

~ "Let me get that shark, please." Vuong
~ "Where's the ball?" Jim
~ "Is that a UFO in the water right behind us? I told you I didn't want to cruise the Bermuda Triangle!" Dave T.
~ "Chomper sic... ah nevermind." The Kid
~ "No, I didn't call you an 'old sea dog'." Dave
~ "What the?!?! How'd a dog get on the boat?" Steph
~ "I sure would like to go over to that island if you know what I mean." Bully J.
~ "Crazy dog! I said catfish not cat." Rocko
Crazy Caption Photo
"What's That Over There?"