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December 2007 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"This Is The Best Gift Ever!"
~ "Yyyyiiiipppppeeeeeeeeee my new teeth have arrived!" George R.
~ "Harold literally couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Someone switched his denture creme with epoxy. The uppers are now glued to the lowers and his lips are stuck in a grimacing smirk." Dave T.
~ " I can open this packet with my ear, Bubba! Wicked Sally
~ "Gramps is crazy as hell!" Danielle F.
~ "Paris Hilton gives Jimmmy The Jeep a get out of jail free Monopoly minature golf park token." Bubba

~ "This is the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth - so help me God." George R.
~ "Ya see, this here is called HIMroid cream, it ain't for girls. Happier than my wife with a hot dog that ya found it for me." Vanessa
~ "Tooth-less Joe proudly displays his award winning tooth care product." Al G.
~ "After eating the chili, Phil said he fooled everyone and didn't really take the Beano tablets." DT
~ "Bill was happy until he discovered that someone switched his chocolate diet candies with Ex-Lax." DWT
Crazy Caption Photo
"This Is The Best Gift Ever!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"This Is The Best Gift Ever!"
~ "I'll clean my tooth with this!" Nancy M.
~ "I don't want any of that stuff! It made his teeth fall out." Little Lulu
~ "You too can get a beautiful smile by using 'Tooth Be-Gone Toothpaste'." Amber B.
~ "Willard let everyone in on his secret joke. He put dental cleaning tablets on the salt lick, which made Bambi foam at the mouth and look like he was rabid." Wayne
~ "Whooooeeee! Camouflage dental floss!" Davy
~ "Now I can glue my uppers back together." Rocko
~ "What's Gramps on? Someone spike his Gertiol?" Ally V.