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November 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Where Do you Want Him?"
~ "How, you ask? By using Ronco's Portable Deer Stretcher, that's how." DWT
~ "This here's the way I get rid of them pesky deer that eats on ma garden. Also works on midgets." Beauford T.
~ "How da ya work dis ting?" Diana B.
~ "It's a pull start!" Doug J.
~ "What was the taxidermist thinkin'?" Russell B.
~ "Hey Ma! Look what I caught." Lisa E.
~ "Yessiree Bob, caught'er mid stride!" Dave

~ " Billy Joe gets an early start on setting up the reindeer for his Santa display." Sandy R.
~ "Say hello to my little friend." Al B.
~ "To catch the big 'ens ya gotta use big bait." Billy Bob Joe
~ "Bubba shows off his new hypnosis technique for deer hunting. 'You are now an ironing board'." Jerry G.
~ "This har is wut we calls animal rassling!" The Doc
~ "Talk about giving someone the ol' bum's rush." Phil McCracken
~ "I told him the next time I caught him messing in the yard out he goes!" Big Al
Crazy Caption Photo
"Where Do you Want Him?"