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November 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"
~ "Look me in the eye and swear my new bow is completely silent." Derinda
~ "You're gunna stay right here unless you want to see your family die." Jasmine
~ "Look deery, I don't let just any chick ride on the back of my Hog. The Cammo Killers are a very particular motorcycle club." Dave T.
~ "Actually according to the Surgeon General leaves and grass are much better for you than red meat, you should try it, yes you should." May L.
~ "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little baby." Levi

~ "Watson! Come here, I need you!" The Doc
~ "What are you doing? Sleeping on the job?" Levi
~ "I'm telling you it will work, keep practicing!... Moooooooooo. Ok, now you do it." Benny
~ "Who's ya Daddy, who's ya daddy? No way ya came from my loins!" Jim R.
~ "Ranger Rick detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage and decided to administer a field sobriety test to Bambi." Twitch
~ "The 'rubber doe decoy' fooled another poacher." Big Dave
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"
~ "Why you little..." Levi
~ "Dear, will you marry me?" Garrett
~ "It was round, really bright red and I can't find it anywhere. And antlers, I had antlers too. They took everything! They were short, really short, and they giggled a lot and ran around funny. There were hundreds of them, said they were working for some fat guy. 'Big Daddy' they called him. They had a big red bag with them and they were stuffing everything into it." Ben L.
~ "I called back seat damn it." Levi

~ " Hey. Do you know Joe The Camel?" Jumping Jack
~ "Uh, well, it's called a Doo-rag. I wear it, because, (sniff) I don't have antlers either! WAAAAAAAA!!" The Doc
~ "OK, all together now...Doe - a deer a female deer, Ray- a golden drop of sun, Me - a name I call myself, Fa - a long long wayyy to runnnn." Ben L.
~ "You better tell me where Rudolph is hiding, or so help me, I'll wring your neck!" The Doc
~ "Imagine me and you, I do, I think about you day and night..." Dave
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"
~ "I'm from the PETA Action Squad, we've come to rescue you from the... oh crap, too late." The Doc
~ "Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?" May L.
~ "Okay but no tongues." Dan
~ "Now here's what I want you to do. Tell Ben there's a new picture up." Ed
~ "Hey pal. If you turn me loose I'll grant you three wishes." Frieda G.
~ "Listen to me, do what I say, or Bambi sleeps with the fishes." Davey

~ "New on The Outdoor Channel, 'The Deer Whisperer'." The Davester
~ "No I love you more...No I love YOU more..." Mike
~ "When I told them I wanted to be a nature ventriloquist, they all laughed... Now who's the dummy?!" M L
~ "Someday I will ask you for a favor, and that day may never come...." DWT
~ "Bill, Bill! I said camouflage yourself for the deer, not camouflage yourself like a deer! Now look what happened!" Wayne
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Wuv You, Yes I Dooo!"