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October 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"You Knocked My Block Off!"
~ "Smell It. No You Smell It!" Michael T.
~ "Redneck tooth extraction." Alex L.
~ "This is just like 'Rock'em Sock'em Robots only better." Patty
~ "Dooo the Macarena!" Dave
~ "We wanted the kids to go outside and get some exercise but never dreamed of this!" Laura M.
~ "The two candiates for Afghanistan's president forego a 'run-off' and settle the question 'Smack Down' style." Greg T.

~ "I told you one of these days it was going to happen. Pow! Right in the kisser!" Ralph E.
~ "That's one way of keeping them busy." Leonard
~ "Wouldn't Off mosquito repellent work or would just a fly swatter apply?" Bubba Smith
~ "Ten bucks on the little guy." Ted E.
~ "Don't miss the new prequel starring Apollo Creed and Rocky as they square off in 'When Rocky Met Apollo'." Phil Harmonic
Crazy Caption Photo
"You Knocked My Block Off!"