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September 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "Ya know, if'n ya stare at thu little green light on the camera, it kinda gits hip-na-tizin." The Doc
~ "Dang! You're right, there's only one tooth left in my mouth!" Wayne
~ "Hey, wuz ah spos'd ta drink this scent remover or spray it on?" The Doc
~ "I, ugh, stepped into moosey poo Doug!" Rolfilius D.
~ ""Ah forgits, wuz zat mah twelffff beer or'n mah twenntyfust." The Doc

~ "You know you are a Redneck if your driver's license photo looks like this." The Doc
~ "Millard joined the ranks of 'America's Dumbest Criminals' when he tried to hold-up his local ATM." DWT
~ "I don't need no stinking instructions to set-up this trail cam. What's this button do?" Frank
~ "Claude gained his 15 minutes of fame after he attempted and failed to hold up his local ATM with a gun." Davy
Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "Is this one of those new video phones?" Abby G.
~ "Maynard learned about his Motion Detector Cuddeback Game Trail Camera the hard way." Dave
~ "Billy-Jo wondered, then discovered why there was no picture in the 'tiny' view-screen of his digital camera." DWT
~ "Bubba does his best impersonation of a deer just before it's slammed by a Buick." Fred
~ "I'm freaking out man!" Sammy