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September 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Doesn't Ben Own A Boat?"
~ "Does my butt look big in this?" Bill Y.
~ "Super-Tube, the perfect accessory for fishermen with hemorroids!" The Doc
~ "Hey, your shoe's untied.... Ha Ha! Made you look!" Doyle B.
~ "Oh no! I gotta pee!" Ben
~ "Ok, fess up, how many of you have printed out the picture of Ben and hung it on the wall?" Tinker
~ "Ben painfully realizes he parked the car on the other side of the lake." May
~ "Last time Ben tripped and fell he rolled for three miles." Tinker

~ "Well back in my day we had to walk to the lake." Mike
~ "No, the lake is on the other side of the road." May L.
~ "Ben decided to go on NutriSystem when he realized he really did have a 'spare tire'." Dave
~ "I guess the Red-Neck Yautch gone done and pull up!" Human Video Man
~ "Y'see, the problum is that this har water is soooo clear, the fish done see me coming all the time and swims off." The Doc
~ "Wow! Aqua-Man should let himself go!" Phil McCracken
~ "This might actually work if the water level wasn't so low." J The B
Crazy Caption Photo
"Doesn't Ben Own A Boat?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Doesn't Ben Own A Boat?"
~ "Tsunami Williams at Outer Mongolia looking for the Atlantic Ocean!" Bubba Smith
~ "Ben modeling Lund's new Hybrid boat!" M. L.
~ "Yes folks, even the fishing industry has not been able to escape corporate down-sizing." Mikey
~ "Hey, Bill Dance and Roland Martin. I'm ready to do your shows!" The Doc
~ "Sooo, let's see if I got this right, the tsunami is close when the shoreline recedes out?" Twitch
~ "Oompa Loompa Doompity-Doo." Mike L.
~ "Right now, two sharks are talking. One is saying to the other, 'You'll never believe the one that just got away from me!'" The Doc

~ "Tubee The Clown forgot his face make-up and scared away everyone at Billy's Beach Birthday Party." Wayne
~ "The bad thing is that my butt itches now and I can't get to it!" The Doc
~ "A sure sign that Obama won the election. We're up the creek, well, without a creek." Davy
~ "You know gas prices are high when..." Mike
~ "Ah dont's know why dey don'ts puts the artikuls I rahts bout fizzin in any oh duh magazeens." The Doc
~ "No honey, I'm not lost. This is just a shortcut to the lake!" Mike L.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Doesn't Ben Own A Boat?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Doesn't Ben Own A Boat?"
~ "This photo of Ben smiling as he walked one mile to the lake, was taken just before he realized he forgot his tackle box!" Mikey
~ "Guido, the Italian exchange student said, 'I tol-a them I wanna to play-a the Tuba, but this is-a no gonna work!'" DWT
~ "This photo is the last known photo of Bob before he went shark fishing." The Doc
~ "You've heard of the Flash Flood, now meet it's evil sibling, The Flash Drought." Mike L.
~ "I coulda jus bought a couple fish at the supermarket... brrrrr." Ben L.