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September 2005 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "Leeemeee at those creeps at Backwoods Bound who come up with these stupid photos." DWT
~ "Ummmmm....tastes just like chicken!" David
~ "After I got it off Uncle Joe, the leech latched onto my palm...then things got ugly." Lanetrain
~ "YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS - Elbow sandwich for lunch again." George R.
~ "Fish Bite, Fish Bite! Oops, what'd I do?" Jimmy The Cook

~ "Die you %&*@#$* mosquito!" J The B
~ "Reality TV hits a new low with the premiere of "The World's Greatest Bouncer Challenge." Wayne T.
~ "I told you, no one gets in without having their hand stamped!" Kid Rock
~ "Unfortunately, Harley showed the Red Cross that he was better at causing injuries then bandaging them." Dave T.
Crazy Caption Photo

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "No wire hangers!!!" LGC
~ "George reacted badly upon failing to qualify for The Ultimate Fighter 3 TV show." Davy
~ "Phil never seems to tire of doing his poor imitation of a largemouth bass, but thank God it's a catch n' release lake!" DWT
~ "Halp! That crayfish bit muh finger!" Bubba Tiki Jonz
~ "The freaks only come out at night." Buck
~ "Weird Harold always freaks out at the sight of blood." Fred E.

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