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July/August 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Wow! That's Sour!"
~ "Filbert gave himself a hernia trying to suck his spaghetti up a straw." David T.
~ "When little Millard sneezed, he drove the Chop-Sticks into the roof of his mouth. Now for the hard part: Removing them with a fork." DT
~ "Little Jimmie now knew what his mother meant by say, 'You'll be sorry,' after he asked to taste her Kung-Pao noodles." Wayne
~ "If you don't let me eat in peace I'm going to stick that camera where the sun don't shine!" Lucy J.

~ "I can't believe you forgot the hot sauce!" RP Adams
~ "This came from WHERE on the deer?" The Doc
~ "Arrrrrh Matey! Shiver me timbers! I likes me new Pirate Pasta!" Dave
~ "Popeye found out at an early age that he did not like spaghetti, just before he discovered spinach." DWT
Crazy Caption Photo
"Wow! That's Sour!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Wow! That's Sour!"
~ "What the heck did Ben say? I don't get it." Ed
~ "It's hard to eat and think at the same time." Cody P.
~ "Bubba Jr's overactive tape worm twins try to hurry things along" Ben L.
~ " I hate chitlins." John P.
~ "I yam what I yam." Popeye Jones
~ "Goldilocks was enjoying the porridge when she heard the Three Bears coming through the back door." Rocko