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August 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Who Wants Pie?"
~ "I don't know if I should consider this disgusting or is it turning me on?" Justin
~ "Mom was right, we should have gone with the sock puppets." May L.
~ "It's not halloween is it?" Mike S.
~ "I still think lotion is a better skin softener!" Kim C.
~ "You were supposed to hide the key UNDER the pumpkin. *sigh* Only 1433 more pumpkins to check." Ben L.
~ "It puts the Pumpkin on the Skin." Mike H.

~ "Better clean this mess up, Ben is coming." May L.
~ "You saw my Dad in the last Crazy Caption picture right?" Davy
~ "That's nice, now put down the camera and help me get my hand out of here." Rocko
~ "I wouldn't have to do this if Ben had sent a picture." Josh Man
~ "This is so much fun Mommy. What do we do for Christmas?" Emma Lou
Crazy Caption Photo
"Who Wants Pie?"