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August 2007 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Say Hello To My Little Friend."
~ "This would look good around my neck. Oh wait, I don't have a neck." Tony
~ "Proud 2nd Place winner in the county Fox Butt Sniffin' Contest!" Brent C.
~ "I fetched him fer ya Ma. Put the sneak on him quick and made a hand grab. Can I keep him?" Vernon
~ "Hey Ma! Izz a found your pet kitty.. Izz think!" Aj L.
~ "This your dog Mam?" Eric
~ "Flip ya for 'em. Heads or tails?" Wayne
~ "I got it, now what do I do with it?" Tommy
~ "Ummm..female. I'm just guessing here." Mike M.
~ "Harvey realized too late that he shouldn't have used an Hispanic website when he ordered a Zorro costume for Halloween." Davy

~ "Happy Birthday Maw. I gotcha this here nut cracker." Anne
~ " I caught dizz live shorthaired rat by his tail with muh bare hands smothered in cheddar cheese. Mmmm, Mmmm!!" Bubba Smith
~ "Fred was asked to model the new fox stole, or was that he stole the new fox model?" Dave T.
~ "I reached into the grass to pick a foxtail and look what I came up with!" Twitch
~ "Now that I got me this her' squirrel, how'se I skin it?" David F.
~ "Hey Ma! Look what I brought home for supper." Phil McCracken
Crazy Caption Photo
"Say Hello To My Little Friend."