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July 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Give It To Mikey, He'll Eat Anything!"
~ "Andre the Giant's son, 'Petite Jean' is getting ready for his first starring role in the new action flick, 'Son of The Princess Bride'." Wayne
~ "If you want my body...and you think you're hungry, come on sugar, let me know. If you're really hungry just give me your number I'll deliver to your door!" Goo
~ "Yes. I survived a Japanese game show." Buford
~ "No one could accuse Buford of his eyes being bigger than his stomach." Kimmy
~ "I don't feel a thing. You sure that's pot?" Smokey
~ "Spike TV begins it's new season with a real reality show, 'The Bachelard'." DWT

~ "Look into my eyes. You are now under my power. Cluck like a chicken." Lisa K.
~ "Sindee from the strip bar said she loooves me!" Big J
~ "Somebody tell Ben I need a pizza" Ben L.
~ "Jerry "The Beaver" Mathers, comes clean in an interview about cheating and eating with Kirstie Ally while they were on Nutri-System together." Dave
~ "I'm so wasted right now." Timbo
~ "That's right ladies, he's free as a bird so act now!" Phil McCracken
~ "Supper time?!" Bubba K.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Give It To Mikey, He'll Eat Anything!"