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June 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Whatcha' Doin' Up There?"
~ "Hey, do you hang out here often?" Lance
~ "How's it hanging?" CB
~ "I knew you'd get hung up trying to jump that fence. Good thing Bubba's busy drinking - give you a chance to gnaw that tail off." Tucker
~ "You're about to spill your guts aren't you?" Teehee
~ "Oh my God they killed Bambi! You bastards!" Kyle

~ " "Help, I've fallen and I can't get back up." Ben L.
~ "Bambi, so when did you first think about joining Cirque De Soleil?" Twitch
~ "Were you drinking with your buddies again last night?" Hogan
~ "Hey cutie! I'm head over heels for you!" Dave
~ "Quick! While they're in the house, go to the shed, get a knife and cut me down!" Cletus
~ "Hey baby! Hang around here a lot?" Buck
Crazy Caption Photo
"Whatcha' Doin' Up There?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Whatcha' Doin' Up There?"
~ "Hey babe. You've lost that gleam in your eyes. Don't 'ya love me no more?" Sally Sue
~ "Puppy Love." Mike
~ "Those bastards! They killed you!
~ "Hey Slick, how do you expect us to get on Celebrity Animal Circus if you keep dropping me? It's called a 'catcher' for a reason idiot!" Davy