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June 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Bert and Ernie Go Fishing"
~ "Will you quit throwing the bait around!" - Lisa S.
~ "I'm goin' catch me a big 'en." Bub
~ "You seen my cricket?" Timbo
~ "Quit rocking the boat while I'm trying to bait up. You made me hook myself a minute ago." Josh Man
~ "You going to fish or do that Sodoku puzzle?" Fred E.

~ "Bubba, did you eat all the wurms agin?" Ben L.
~ "This cricket bucket's mine! Red shirt - red bucket. Get it? Got it? Good!" Ethel Mae
~ "Dammit, we got no bong water." Pulis
~ "..And then you stick this right here and...are you listening? Sure, sure. Throw out the anchor. I got it." Phil McCracken
~ "Sadly, Willard was about to realize the disadvantages of using the 'Wiz-Master 3000' 120v plug-in model trolling motor." Dave
Crazy Caption Photo
"Bert and Ernie Go Fishing"