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May 2007 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Told You I Couldn't Swim!"
~ "Oh yeah? Well your mama's a bear rug at the Elk's club." Ben E.
~ "I told you that iceberg would only hold one of us!" Greg Brady
~ " I told YOU to put the plug in the boat!" Kevin Morgan
~ "Oh no! Your braces are hung on my lip!" Pat

~ "Water Ballet --- Mother Nature style." May L.
~ "Who taught you to swim? Did you learn that in some barn?" Bubba Smith
~ "Alaskan syncronized swim team tryouts." Ben L.
~ "That was my fish Smokey! Now you're going to get it!" Rocko
~ "Marco!... Polo!... Marco!.." Phil McCracken
~ "We have to keep practicing if we want to make the next round of 'Dancing With The Stars'" Benny L.
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Told You I Couldn't Swim!"