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April 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Duffy's Catch Of The Day"
~ "It looked much bigger with the beer goggles." Brian
~ "Maa my trophy light beer has fewer calories than my trophy fish!" 2 Rod
~ "Mah uncle says that if'n ah put this under mah pillow tu-night, thet I will find a bass there in the morning from the Fish Fairy!" The Doc
~ "Smoked mullet? Naa.. it's too hard to get them lit." Bryan
~ "The new undercover game warden guns are disguised as fish. Officer Glutz displays the 'Snub-nose 2" .38 Steelhead Special'." Wayne

~ "Billy-Bob was stoked until he found out he had 'Okie-noodled' in his own aquarium. No more beer for you Bubba!" Wavy Davy
~ "Not content with a 'Ship in a Bottle,' Leonard will attempt the first ever 'Fish in a Bottle.'" DT
~ "I sell these to Ben for bait." Ben L.
~ "Forget the 'Pocket Fisherman' this is a Fish in your Pocket man!" DWT
Crazy Caption Photo
"Duffy's Catch Of The Day"

Crazy Caption Photo
"Duffy's Catch Of The Day"
~ "Ben ain't never caught one like this!" Phil McCracken
~ "Ya shoulda seen the one what got away!" Doc
~ "Homer amazingly found a real trouser trout." Dave
~ "Today on 'Cooking With Duffy' we're goin' to make some beer batter to fry this here fishy." Duffy
~ "Duz dis one seem green round da gills to ya?" Doc
~ "A couple more and he'll have enough for a fish stick." Bender
~ "Look what Ah found in mah pants!" The Doc

~ "I'm posing for what again?" The Doc
~ "Do I eat then drink or drink then eat?" Rocko
~ "Uh, was it a Bud in the hand and a bird in the bush? Er-ah, was it a Bud in the hand and a fish in the hand, or was it..." The Doc
~ "Billy-Bob tries out the new Lay's Blue Gill Chips. Their motto: 'A handfull is all you need.'" Big D.
~ "Yep, da fish is heavier den da beer. Da beer muss be healthier." Doc
Crazy Caption Photo
"Duffy's Catch Of The Day"