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April 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hate These Games Of Freeze Tag!"
~ "Hold steady men, he's a bad shot. He even missed us with a deer slug." DT
~ "Star,Spangle and Banner." Ellis H.
~ "I'm not goin' in there! I'm not gonna' try it, you try it. Let's get Mikey. Hey Mikey!" Steve
~ "Who you calling 'pecker head'?" Papa Smurf

~ "Here they come! Now children, please behave. And don't say a word about the leaky ceiling! We can't afford to move until we have a buyer!" Suzie Q
~ "Sshhhhh. Don't move maybe Ben won't notice there is a new picture." Ben L.
~ "Ben... there is a new picture..(i aim to please)" May L.
~ "Much like the young adults of the 21st century, these young able-bodied birds devotedly do their part to strengthen the family unit. 'I'm starved. When's that old buzzard 'gonna be home with the vittles?' 'Yeah, and until she cleans I ain't going back in there'." Mother Of 3
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hate These Games Of Freeze Tag!"

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hate These Games Of Freeze Tag!"
~ "More windows or a bigger house! We can't continue to evacuate every time dad uses the toilet!" Tina C.
~ "The Redheaded Sap Suckers worriedly wondered what size of bird left the big hole and when would it return." Dave
~ "I just heard Woody Woodpecker is a Vice Veep too. Ranger Rick for Prez!" Tiki Jonz
~ "Someone tell Ben there's a new picture." J The E
~ "Whar is Pudgie Thuh Budgie, DUH?" Bubba
~ "Look! It's a bird, it's a plane! Nah it's just Fred." Rocko
~ "What kind of crumby picture is this?" Ed