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March 2009 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Which Way Did He Go?"
~ "OK,which comedian threw this quill pen at me." Ken W.
~ "Hey man, I'm homeless, unemployed and penniless, can ya help a brodda out?" Greg
~ "Whoa! Dude! You scared me so bad, I wet my feathers!" Big D
~ "I thought I saw a puddy tat!" Kim
~ "This hair style sucks! I want to talk to the manager." Phil McCracken
~ "'Midget' the worlds smallest squirrel thief, attempted to hide in the feathers of his unnamed bird friend, but was quickly discovered." Twitch
~ "The name's White, Bob White." Dave

~ "Do I really look that edible??" Paul L.
~ "Uh-oh, dat a really deep canyon!"" Anna
~ "Dan who?" Bill
~ "Hey bud, uuhh, lets party." J Man
~ "Well doctor, I keep seeing this hairy spot before my eyes." Wayne
~ "Dang it!! I hate cowlicks." Lance P.
~ "Beep, Beep! Wait, I'm not the Roadrunner!" Rocko
~ "How dry I am. How dry I am. Nobody knows how dry I am." Fred E.
~ "Elvis ain't got nuthin on my 'Doo'." Davy
Crazy Caption Photo
"Which Way Did He Go?"