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March 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"Shorty The Clown"
~ "Congress poses for their yearly pictures. Here we find Nancy Pelosi." Dave
~ "Is that a dial tone I hear cause this party is off the hook!" Nelson
~ "Times are tough. I have to sell balloons for a living. How many you need buddy?" Renee H.
~ "Stop clowning around and get back to work." Nina B.
~ "Hey buddy! Got any spare change?" Yogi
~ "These candidates will resort to anything to get a vote." Bertha Butt

~ "After losing the nomination, Hillary had to get a job as the target at the 'Whack a Clown' game at the local carnival." Obie
~ "Krusty is in the house!" K The C
~ "Bozo's little brother, Boozer." Hank
~ "Got balloons? DOH!" Bubba Smith
~ "Bill Clinton tries appealing to the younger voters." Ben L.
~ "I also do weddings and bar mitzvahs." Goldberg
~ "Have you seen my cousin Dorf?" Paul E.
Crazy Caption Photo
"Shorty The Clown"