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February 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"What's So Funny About This?"
~ "'Brittany' Daisy shows off her new 'shaved head' look to the Poporatzi." May L.
~ "Quick DUCK!! Here comes that 'he loves me, he loves me not' chick again." Ben Long
~ "Run it looks like the Martians have landed, agin ?!!" Bubba Smith
~ "Now that's what I call a Blackeyed Susan!" DWT
~ "Who put this picture on here? Some heads are gonna roll!" Eddie Tor

~ "They must have ran out of pictures!" Rocko
~ "Flora was having a "Bad Petal" day." Davy
~ "Daisey was a real hothead and it showed." Wayne
~ "I told you to use SPF 40 sunblocker!" Dave T.
~ "This is your flower, this is your flower on drugs!" Twitch
~ "The National Horticultural Society introduces the "Britney Spears" Daisey." David W.
Crazy Caption Photo
"What's So Funny About This?"

Crazy Caption Photo
"What's So Funny About This?"
~ "Hey guys this fire's not too hot. See, it didn't hurt me. Chickens, you guys are just too yellow!" Blue Eagle
~ "Whew! That was some sneeze!" David
~ "Betty and Bill not so proudly show off their son Billy Jr. He is the black sheep of the family." Ben L.
~ "Pushing Up Daisies Thru Thuh Snow: BANG!- Poorman's Haiku by Juhn Wanye" Bubba