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January 2010 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hate Playing Freeze Tag!"
~ "This thing is so cold my butt is stuck!" Amy J.
~ "Dang this table is frickeing cold. I think I'm stuck! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Nick
~ "Look into my eyes. You are becoming very sleepy. You are....zzzz." Kimmy J.
~ "The name's Possum. It use to be O'possum, but we changed it when we came to this country." Dave
~ "Here..kitty,kitty!!" Neal M.
~ "You're looking at the next American Idol folks." Kitty

~ "You don't see anything." Skipper
~ "Is this where I sign up to play a kangaroo or 'Be Married To A Millionaire'?!" Rolfilius Dieter
~ "Sorry, the invite didn't say anything about bringing a dish." The Doc
~ "I had to come stag." Dean
~ "They said to bring your own meat but whose going to clean this?" George
~ "Nothing to see here. Just playing possum." Fred E.
~ "Damn paparazzi! I can't go anywhere or do anything!" Rocko
Crazy Caption Photo
"I Hate Playing Freeze Tag!"