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January 2008 Crazy Captions

Crazy Caption Photo
~ "Sweet.....I love midget tossing!" Aunt Craig
~ "Move... he just had 40 boxes of donuts and he's going to collapse!" Dick P.
~ "Why do you keep hollering, run Rex, run?" Richard
~ "Survival of the fittest, Run faster!!" Tom
~ "Hey, Madge! I hope that was your tummy growling!" Bubba Smith
~ "If I only had longer arms you guy would be toast." Lance
~ "It's okay, its only got one eye - it's a Doyouthinkitsaurus!" George R.
~ "Two surprised survivors were caught on tape during the escape of the tiger from the San Francisco Zoo. They wondered why the tiger didn't approach or attack them." DWT
~ "Just think, if we cross that dinosaur with a pig we would end up with Jurassic Pork!" Alex R.

~ "'Here's me and a couple of tourists I jumped out at in Yellowstone...this next picture...' Rusty shows his vacation slides to the other dinosaurs." Laura
~ "Run Forest run!!" Jenny
~ "What part of 'Don't Feed The Animals' don't you understand?" Phil McCracken
~ "Rex, the laughing Dinosaur, shows how tall Wilma should be, based on her weight, according to all the height/weight charts." Wayne
~ "Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" Mike B.
~ "Billy sets up an unaware Betty, so that Dino's hand will crush her when he tips over." Dave
~ "I knew we shouldn't have come to this park. What was its name again?" Dee
~ "You stay here and I'll run and get help!" Rocko
Crazy Caption Photo