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Squirrel Spit
Submitted by Todd Mendenhall.

~ 2 - 3 squirrels
~ favorite seasonings
~ favorite bbq sauce
~ beer
~ grill with rotisserie

Season squirrels inside and out with your favorite seasonings.

Heat grill. Place a disposable baking pan(s) under where the squirrels will be rotating.

In a bowl, mix the bbq sauce with an equal amount of beer. Add seasonings to taste. Pour into the baking pan(s) on grill.

Place squirrels on spit and cook over medium heat 40 - 45 minutes or until done.

Brush often with the sauce in the pan.

Serve and enjoy.

* Note from Todd: "This is really good at camp. As you remove the cooked squirrels add a couple more. Just make your sauce up ahead of time so you can keep the pan(s) full."

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