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Squirrel Bog
Thanks to Justin for sending in this recipe.

~ 4 - 6 squirrels
~ water
~ 1 - 2 lbs smoked or Polish sausage, diced
~ carrots, chopped
~ celery, chopped
~ rice

Place the squirrels in a large pot or crock pot. Add water to just cover. Be sure to measure the water as you will be using the broth for your rice.

Cook until the meat comes off the bone. Remove the squirrel and finish de-boning them.

Brown the sausage if you are not using the ready to eat kind.

Add the squirrel meat and sausage to the broth.

Add carrots, celery and rice. Experiment adding different vegetables if desired.

Cook until "boggy" or to any texture you like and the rice is cooked.

Serve and Enjoy!

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