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Reunion Punch
Thanks to Buck Thorn for sharing this recipe.


A punch drunk at Reunions. No, no! Not a punch drunk, but a punch that is drunk (as in past participle of drink you know, drinked.)


~ 3 – 6 oz. cans frozen limeade
~ 3 – 12 oz. cans apricot nectar
~ 1 – 46 oz. can pineapple juice
~ 3 – 2 liter bottles of ginger ale or 7-Up. Can be diet.
~ Massive quantities of grain alcohol or moonshine is optional - but highly recommended


* Make sure all is icy cold and mix it all up in a great big ole bowl.

* You can even fill a couple of the soda bottles with water and freeze ‘em. Then cut the top off and add the chunk to the bowl.

* You could make an ice ring of pineapple slices by putting the slices in a ring mold and adding ginger ale or 7-Up. Let it freeze then float in the punch.

* Warning!! Warning!! Grain alcohol and moonshine are not only highly flammable, but will melt the fruit ring quickly, so drink fast!

* Number of servings: about 50 unless what's his name shows up!

* Prep Time: five minutes (plus refrigerator time)

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