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Grouse In Peaches
Many thanks to Herb Scherer for this recipe.

~ 2 grouse, cut into 1Ē cubes
~ 1 stick butter, donít use margarine
~ 1/2 cup flour
~ salt and pepper
~ 1 can peaches
~ 1/2 pint heavy cream

Season the flour to taste with salt and pepper. Place in a bag for shaking.

Place the grouse cubes in the flour and shake to coat. You may need to do it in small batches.

Melt the butter in a large iron skillet over medium heat.

Add the meat and brown evenly. Donít over cook!

Drain the peaches. Save the juice!

When the grouse is cooked, pour in the cream and the peach juice.

Reduce heat to low, stir and simmer until it thickens.

Serve with the sliced peaches on the side.


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