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Tasty BBQ Snow Goose
Many thanks to Jon Eaton for sharing this recipe.

~ snow goose breast
~ salt
~ water
~ Mrs. Dash seasoning, original flavor
~ molasses
~ soy sauce
~ 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, optional
~ 2 tsp minced garlic, optional
~ bacon

In a large bowl or pot, dissolve 2 tbsp salt in 2 quarts water. Add the breast and knead with your hands. This helps remove blood, feathers, shot, etc.

Drain and rinse under cold water.

Repeat the salt soak several times.

Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Remove any remaining skin, fat, shot, etc.

Cut the breast into 3 pieces across the grain.

Tenderize with a tenderizing machine or a fork. Flip and repeat.

Sprinkle Mrs. Dash liberally on both sides of the meat.

Place in a large ziploc bag. Drizzle on some molasses or honey and knead.

Pour enough soy sauce into the bag to cover the meat. Add the cayenne and garlic if desired.

Seal bag and place in refrigerator overnight. Whenever someone goes to the frig, knead the bag.

One hour before cooking, remove the meat and rinse lightly under cold water.

Wrap a piece of bacon around the meat and secure with toothpicks.

Grill over medium heat until the bacon is done. As with all waterfowl, the meat should be cooked a little on the rare side so when the bacon is cooked the goose should be cooked to the proper degree.

Serve and enjoy.

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