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Dixie Dogs
Sent in by Buck Thorn.

~ all beef hot dogs
~ ground sage
~ paprika
~ cumin
~ brown mustard
~ Heinz 57 sauce
~ thin sliced dill pickles, those lengthwise sandwich slices are best
~ Buck Thorn’s Deep in Dixie Firewater or your favorite hot sauce

Make a mixture of the spices using about a third of each but go a little heavier on the sage

Split the hot dogs in half lengthwise.

Rub the insides with the spice mix.

Throw ‘em on the hot grill and cook until the skin starts to crackle and almost burnt.

Toast some buns. (I recommend the same number buns as dogs.)

Mix some of the 57 sauce with a few dashes of the Firewater sauce. The amount depends on how adventurous you are.

Spread some mustard on one half of the bun and the 57/Firewater mix and pickle slice on the other.

Add a cooked dog hot off the grill.

Serve with the standard hot dog side dishes like potato, bean and/or pasta salad, chips, and ice cold beer and enjoy!

"Never put onions, ketchup or relish on this hot dog! They cover up the taste and after all this effort that would be a crime. Save those for those cheap pork and chicken filled dogs." - Buck

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