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Campground Eclairs


~ large clay flower pots or use grill without the grate
~ aluminum foil
~ charcoal
~ chimney charcoal starter
~ wood dowels rods, 1/2" diameter, 3 feet long


~ canned crescent rolls
~ vanilla, chocolate or lemon pudding, instant, canned or use those little snack-pack pudding cups
~ canned chocolate frosting or your favorite flavor.

Line the flower pots or grill with 2 layers of foil.

Prepare the charcoal in the chimney and let them totally ashed over.

Wrap one end of each dowel rod with a 6 inch wide piece of foil. Make sure itís wrapped tight.

Prepare pudding per instructions. This can be done at home and then kept cold.

When the charcoal is ready, dump it into the pots or grill. Use caution!

Take a crescent roll and wrap it around the foil end of your rod.

Hold over the hot coals until golden brown. Turn frequently and cook it slow!

When the roll is done, grasp it gently with a napkin and slip it off the rod. Use caution as it will be hot!

Use a large household injector, spoon or basting brush to fill the inside with pudding.

Spread on a little frosting and enjoy!

Cook another!

These tasty treats can be enjoyed at camp or at home. With a little supervision theyíre easy for kids to make and enjoy. Try them for breakfast or instead of the usual símores around the campfire.