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Deer Pockets
Thanks to Robert Phillips for sending this recipe.

~ 10 thinly sliced backstrap medallions, tenderloin works too
~ seasoning salt
~ pepper
~ 2 tbsp oil
~ 1 -2 tomatoes about the same diameter as the medallions, sliced into 10 thin slices
~ 2 3 slices American cheese, cut into quarters
~ 2 10 count cans of biscuits
~ flour
~ 1 egg, beaten
~ 1/8 cup of cold water
~ seasoning salt
~ spicy brown mustard

Heat the oil in a skillet.

Season the meat with seasoning salt and pepper. Add to the oil.

Quick fry browning on both sides. Remove and drain on paper towels.

Flour a surface and roll each biscuit out thin.

Beat the egg and water together.

Place a piece of meat on each biscuit. Top with a piece of cheese and a tomato slice.

Place another biscuit on top and pinch the edges together with a fork.

Brush the top with the egg mixture and lightly sprinkle with seasoning salt.

Place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees 11 13 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove and let cool a few minutes.

Top with a little mustard and enjoy.

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