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Deer Burger Cheese Dip
Submitted by Tom Harmony.

~ 1 lb ground deer
~ seasoning salt
~ garlic powder
~ dried onions or onion powder
~ cayenne pepper
~ your favorite dry steak seasoning
~ 1 tbsp bacon grease
~ 1 jar Tostitos Queso Cheese dip
~ various flavors of cheese cubes, swiss, provolone, cheddar, colby, mozzarella, etc.
~ 1 can chicken broth
~ your favorite tortilla chips

Heat the bacon grease in a skillet. Add the deer meat.

Season to taste with the seasoning salt, garlic, onion, steak seasoning and cayenne.

Cook until brown. Drain if necessary.

While the meat is cooking, place the cheese sauce in a sauce pan or double boiler.

Heat over low heat until it turns loose. Add your favorite cheese cubes. Use one variety or a combination of flavors.

Heat over low heat until the cheeses are melted stirring often. Donít get in a hurry! If the heat is too high the cheese will burn. Let it melt slowly and remember to stir often.

Once the cheeses are melted stir in a ľ cup of chicken broth while continuing to heat.

If the cheese is too thick, stir in a little more broth. Add a little at a time you donít want it to get too thin.

Once the cheese sauce is the consistency you like, stir in some or all of the meat. Your choice as to how you want it.

Remove from the heat.

Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy the game!

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