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Woody's Smell Up The Place Deer & Onions
Thanks to Steve "Woody" Woodward for sending in this recipe.

~ deer loin or roast
~ 3 - 5 lbs yellow onions
~ 1 stick butter, maybe more
~ salt
~ pepper
~ garlic powder

Slice the meat as thin as you can get it. Best done while still partially frozen.

Slice the onions into thin slices and then in half.

Melt the butter in an iron skillet. Turn on the exhaust fan!

Place 1 - 2 inches of onions in the hot butter. Place the meat on top of the onions. Do not mix together.

Season to taste with the salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Cook over medium to medium-low heat until the meat starts to change color.

Flip the meat only and season again with the seasonings.

Cook until the meat changes colors again and then mix the meat and onions together.

Serve with hunks of bread and your favorite sides.


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