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gobble-gobbleHow to Measure Your Trophy Turkey

Weight - Weight must be to the nearest ounce, on scales inspected and certified as accurate for trade by the state Department of Agriculture or on an accurate scale by a licensed guide or outfitter, or on the official scales of a governmental wildlife agency.

Beard - Beard must be measured from the central point of protrusion from the skin to the end of the longest bristle.*

Spurs - Spurs must be measured along the outside centerline, from the point at which the spur protrudes from the scaled leg skin to the tip of the spur.*

Total Score - The formula for overall score is: Weight (lbs. and oz.) plus 10 times spur length (r & l) plus 2 times beard length.

* Beard and spur length measurements must be made with a measuring device which is accurate to 1/16-inch. In order to standardize measurement, all measurements are to be recorded in sixteenths.

We obtained this information from the National Wild Turkey Federation. For more information visit them at: www.nwtf.com

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