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Dove Cleaning Made Simple

Due to the small size of doves, most hunters chose only to save only the breast meat. The breasts are meaty and make even servings. Portion size varies, but plan on three to four breasts per person.

To clean a dove for just the breast meat;

1) Hold the bird on its back in one hand. Grasp the outside wing with the other hand and give it a good twist; the wing will snap off. Repeat with the other.

2) Lay the bird again on its back in one hand and poke your free thumb into the body cavity just below and up under the breastbone.

3) All in the same motion, pry the bird apart by moving your two hands apart. A quick jerk will separate the breast from the rest of the bird.

4) Pluck the feathers off the breast or peel off the skin.

5) Wash them thoroughly before freezing.

6) Cook and enjoy.

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