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Cassie       mossyoakchick16 6-8-2005 6:07 PM
I am a girl and I just started huntin this past year with my dad and I was just wondering if some one could fill me in with some information or at least talk to me about the need to know! my email is MossyOakChick16@yahoo.com I just dont wanna seem stupid when it comes to this stuff I am real outdoors so I know some but it would be nice just to know some interesting stuff! Thanks for the help and please just email me!
Buzzy       buzzy413@yahoo.com 12-4-2005 8:53 PM
What kind of info did you need I have been hunting for about 20 years so I migh be of some help you you.
You can e-mail me at buzzy413@yahoo.com
Bill       bill@hoppstetters.com 8-24-2006 08:48 AM
I saw your e-mail, wondering were you are going hunting, I'm in AZ. and have done lots of hunting here. From Deer, Elk, to Rattle Snakes.. birds,etc.
bill@hoppstetters.com if you need info. let me know.
mdb       12-31-2007 7:34 PM
darlin, just listen and pay close attention to your dad- he knows you dont know alot about this stuff....show him your very interested
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