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Bill T Northcutt       btn4@yahoo.com 8-31-2009 3:05 PM
I don't hunt; but my son who is 15 wants to go deer hunting. I have never field dressed a deer. Can anyone help me??
bill       bill.fasig@yahoo.com 9-30-2009 5:29 PM
Look up a book called "Venison Field to table" it's an outdoor life book published in 1984. Not very sexy but accurate, with lots of pictures. I'm sure you can find it online these days with youtube and other sites. If you've never hunted my best guess is field dressing is the least of your concerns. I just started hunting again at the age 54 after about a 30 year layoff. much like starting all over again but the lessons my father and grandfather taught are just as relevant today
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