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paul schiller       bevinpa@yahoo.com 8-6-2010 08:04 AM
can anybody give me the recipe for making deer urine scented candles.
Randy Lee       ranupc@bellsouth.net 8-20-2010 8:46 PM
Paul-- I'm in the deer scent business as well as incense oil producing business. I have and you can probaly get them elsewhere inexpensive incense oil candle lamps. Light a tea light candle in the bottom, add your favorite doe n heat or other attractant in the top and whoa loa, you have your heat scented candle using deer attractant. If you can't find them, email me. My burners are $1.00 each and all you need is a buy a dz or so tea light candles (non-scented) from Dollar Tree for a dollar and add your scent in the top.
william       person.williamf@gmail.com 6-30-2014 6:19 PM
hi randy! would like to buy some of your burners.
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