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garrett       fisherman9111@aol.com 10-14-2002 11:13 AM
about how much does it cost to get 1 deer butcherd into breafast suasuge ,deer steaks. ground meat and jerky. plese reply ASAP THANX
Greg Qualls       pallydawg68@yahoo.com 11-24-2002 7:57 PM
I'm not sure where you are located,But you need to shop around, You shouldnt have to pay more than about $60.00
Jim Thompson       jimtexas68@msn.com 9-12-2003 8:58 PM
60.00 is cheep where I live. Down in my part of Texas I payed 35.00 for a processing fee and 2.00 per pound for pan or link sausage with the processor supplying the pork at around 35 cents per pound. I brought in one nice doe and a health 165 lb. 10 point to have them processed into primarily link and pan sausage and approx 20 pounds of chili meat and the back strap cut up into steaks. Grand total 231.00 with no jerky....couldn't afford it. Jerky was 12.00 per pound.
hope this helps.
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